Type of the steel structures which can be realized in our yard:

Complete Steel Hulls max 90 meters length / 22 meters width, 22 meters high with complete set of piping systems and steel outfitting
Hulls for Offshore supply vessels
Hulls for Container Vessels
Complete Barges
Ship Grand Blocks
Ship Units
Hulls and complete Fishing vessels
Convertion of the fishing vessels - key turn project
Small survey vessels
Hulls for Dredgers
River road Bridges sections
Aluminum constructions
And other steel structure

Two skidding ways and hydraulic skidding system up to 1800 ton
Floating pontoon 1 ( 79m.x24m.) 

Cranes capacity:
Mobile cranes 80T. 45T. 35T. 25T. 16T
Gantry cranes 5 tons 8 tons
Floating crane
2 Skidding systems for 1800 tons 80 meters length

Quay side 198 length meters.
Production area 30.000 square meters
storage area     20.000 square meters
Draft 8m deep